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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sacred Surrender – Ava Riley

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Rowan’s has “baggage” his ex-fiancé decided to seduce his best friend the night before their wedding. He’s wary having been burnt before and becomes known as a bit of ladies man.

Madison, is a small town girl, who needs the help of her next door neighbour, not realising he’s Dr Hottie but has her own insecurities going on.

I’ve been waiting for Rowan’s story for what feels like forever. It’s a follow up to A Lifetime to Find Love, (see review below) but can be read on its own.

Ava knows romance and writes it well she knows how to tell a story so you almost feel like a voyeur watching the story happen the way she sets a scene you can picture yourself there.

I love how Rowan and Madison’s romance develops. Ava writes real life romance and the sex scenes go from sweet to scorching. The book was brilliant you can help but find yourself saying go on go for it you know want to!

Ruby Rating : ****

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