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Sunday, 4 December 2011

IOU SEX – Calista Fox

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The story starts with Fiona needing a date to her sister’s engagement party. 

Unfortunately her sister is marrying Fiona’s ex-fiancé, who she caught in bed with said sister. Fiona wants to prove she has moved on and rub everyone’s nose in it a bit (who wouldn't) by turning up with a hot guy. 

Fiona asks Michael the man she had a fling with after the fiasco with her ex, to go with her to the engagement party, he agrees, but has one condition she must spend a weekend with him picking up where they left off. The spark is still there I don't think it ever left but can it work he’s a bit of a playboy she’s been burnt by people she trusted and her protective shields are up.

I loved this Novella it’s a great story, well written and steamy sex scenes so beware, you can’t help but fall in love with Michael what man!

Ruby Rating: ***

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