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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Management Skills by – January Rowe

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Allie was working her way through college as a dancer known as Silver at The Vault. Grant was the Stage Designer who she made an impact on.

This story is a novella and begins when Allie joins the company which Grant owns and they remember each other.

Grant wants Allie, Allie is reluctant after a failed relationship with a previous Dom who wasn’t much of a Dom and wants to take their relationship slow. Grant wants all or nothing from day one and on his term. Allie doesn’t come across as a sub and I think she struggles with it especially when Grant lays down the rules.

If you do not like a story with BDSM in it then this book is not for you. This was the first BDSM book I’ve read and I thought the intricacies of the Dom/Sub relationship were interesting and well written and although BDSM is not my thing I enjoyed this book so much so I went back and bought January’s first book.

This book is not for the faint hearted and should definitely not be read on public transport ie the 6.30am train to London J as I found myself blushing thinking “oh my god”,

Warning contains BDSM, office sex, and sex with wax.

Ruby’s Rating: ***

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