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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Review of Courting Disaster by Carol Stephenson

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A year ago, criminal defence attorney Carling Dent woke up in a conference room with a bullet wound, a murdered client and no memory of what happened. Since then, she's grown reckless. She's gained a reputation for representing defendants no one else will, and her own partners are beginning to question her conduct.

Then a car accident triggers flashbacks, and Carling is driven by the need to find out what really happened that day. Her investigation begins to uncover a twisted web of secrets someone doesn't want exposed. The threats against Carling escalate, and she turns to the one person she wants to trust—her former lover, prosecutor Jared Manning. The passion between them is as hot as ever, but when more memories start trickling back, Carling starts to wonder just whose side the man she loves is on…

I loved this story it was well balanced between the action/mystery/romance. I loved Carling she was a feisty take no prisoners go getter and hell bent on finding out who was after her and was going to do anything to get to the bottom of it much to the dismay of her business partners and the hottie Jared.

Jared of course wanted her to be a good girl and do as she was told “yep it didn’t happen”. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one go.

If you like a story that is fast moving, with a great legal mystery and romance thrown in then, this is for you.

Ruby's Rating : ***

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