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Sunday, 13 November 2011


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This story rocked my world I had a lump in my throat as I read it and sometimes a tear in my eye. To say I loved it does not do this story justice it rocked my world because the story relates to a current events and coming from the East End of London as you were reading it like any good story you, you go into it as it unfolds as though you are there watching it take place like a fly on the wall.

Amanda Prowse is an amazing woman I have got to know her a little through twitter I didn’t read the product description before I read the book which is why for this review I have put it at the end. 

I read the book mainly because Amanda wrote it and secondly because proceeds were going to a Charity close to my heart. Amanda is a fantastic writer her husband, family and the military should be proud of her and women like her who are the backbone of our military without them and their families our boys cannot go off and do their jobs.

This story made me wonder what my fiery little Grandmother did to the person unlucky enough to tell her my uncle had been taken a POW in Korea during his National Service.

Now you can read the product description if you wish or just go buy the book from Amazon it is available in paperback and kindle format and you can buy it in Sainsbury’s.


Product Description

How far would you go to bring home the one you love?

This is the question posed in this contemporary love story that takes you from the streets of East London to the plains of Afghanistan.

Poppy Day is a twenty one year old hairdresser, devoted to her husband Martin and blessed with a sunny disposition. Martin is the one constant in her life, her protector and best friend since they were six, making an often difficult childhood easier to bear.

Martin and Poppy are an ‘ordinary’ couple who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. Having joined the British Army in search of a better life for them both, their world is ripped apart when Martin is taken hostage while on his first tour tour in Afghanistan.

Battling against army culture and procedure, Poppy decides to bring her ‘Mart’ home herself. Fuelled by naivety, she feels that nothing is impossible when doing it for the man she loves. Her journey sees her paying a very high price and incurs some heartbreaking consequences…

‘Poppy Day’ gives an insight into life beneath the uniform, a peek at what it’s like to be the one left at home, ticking off the days until your loved one returns and what happens when there is the knock on the door that every forces wife, husband, mother, father or lover dreads…

All proceeds from the sale of Poppy Day go directly to The Royal British Legion to help fund the charity’s Battle Back Centre for injured Service personnel.

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