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Friday, 15 April 2011

Review of Friendly Fire by Megan Hart

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After Agent Kendall Frasier's partner is shot in "friendly fire" during a drug bust, she agrees to take a week's vacation on a tropical island as part of her psychiatric evaluation. Sand, sun, sea—what could be better to help her work through her guilt? Even if the presence of the man responsible for the shooting, Agent Zane Vincent, seems counterproductive to her mental health.

As Kendall gets to know Zane, and realizes he feels worse about what happened than she does, it becomes impossible to hate him. And their mutual attraction becomes impossible to deny.

This is not a book you should read while in a public place ie the train like I did J. The conversation about faked orgasm had me giggling.

The story is based over the week on the tropical island, both Zane and Kendall are strong willed, competitive characters and equal which was good there were no dominant/ submissive role which I was glad about as this would not have fit these two characters at all.

I liked this story for me it was a fresh slant on a traditional story line of girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl hates boy. But as it was a Novella things in the relationship moved quickly. The tension between the characters was excellent I don’t know about you but one session with a Psychiatrist would not cure any hate or relationship issues I had.

This was definitely a good read and I’ve already started checking out Amazon for more of Megan’s books.

The book is only available as an eBook.

Ruby Rating ***

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