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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Review of Storm’s Heart

Available now!    Storm's Heart is a contemporary romance written by Rachel Lyndhurst.

Andreas Lazarides is a Greek Businessman and Kizzy Dean is supposed to be a former employee. Until they clash over his executing of his mother's final wishes, and the closing down of Kizzy's restaurant.

The story is fast moving but that's how I like my books. I don't like to be bored by a story and this is definitely NOT boring.

I loved the characters, Andreas was your hot alpha male with emotional baggage and Kizzy was your
loveable female who has her own baggage a streak of independence a mile wide.

For a contemporary romance the seduction and sex scenes are hot. I loved this book even though there were no murders, guns or shootings and nothing was blown up J.

I'm glad Rachel doesn't write for Mills and Boon as I would have missed this.

Definitely a 3 star Read I look forward to reading more of Rachel’s work.


  1. Thanks, Ruby! There's an extra sex scene in book 2 for you, darling! As for book 3,I could always sling in a 12 bore!

    I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a small hand gun LOL

  3. As long as no one blows up the hero, I'm OK with that. (Emphasis there on the word 'up', please note.)

    (Rachel's editor)

  4. Thanks guys for reading my review you rock!